[ July 2019 - Aug 2021 ]

Built the WMdC organisation from the ground up, starting with discussing designs with the architect, hiring the very first personnel and drafting the first policies. 

White Maison de Couture is a sister concern of White Jewels - an approx. 25 year old jewellery brand of Mumbai owned by businessman, Mr. Vikas Jain. The White Maison brand, started in 2020 after about half a year of well worth backend toil. In this duration a roster of some of the most acclaimed names of the luxury fashion industry were tied-in in various capacities. 

Merchandise worth several crores was stocked in the 3000 sq. ft. store brought via consignments, outright purchases and in-between deals at varied percentages that worked best for both the owners and the vendors alike promising a prosperous future for the company.
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