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Lashkaraa Incorporated is a California based ethnic wear brand; In a short span of seven years the brand has shown extensive growth and has made a name for itself globally, although admittedly, it has not entered the Indian market -yet (as of June 2022) which will also be one of my undertakings. Predominantly Lashkaraa Inc. serves the US, Canada, UK, European and the Australian markets.

Primary Scope: 
Rebranding Lashkaraa Inc. 
Continued Brand Steering.
Laying the ground work to enter Indian market. 
Creating new sister brands (House of Brands structure) for the organisation.
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Recent collection video (More samples below):
Rebranding excerpt:
Logo | Graphic | Story
Brand Direction & Supervision. 
[ Graphics showcased are not created by me. ] 
Colours | Tags
Brand Guidelines | Templets
Exemplary Content 
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As an e-commerce brand, most of its presence is currently meant to be digital. To show aesthetics of the same apart from the website itself, here's a Newsletter design: 
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